Annual Meeting

Minutes of fourth meeting to initiate the foundati

This meeting was held on May 13, 2014 at 8:00 pm through teleconference,

Participants (in alphabetical order):

Prof. Ning-Hung Chen (Taiwan) (Chair)

Prof. Tayard Desudchit (Thailand)

Prof. Fang Han (China)

Prof. Seung-Bong Hong (Korea)

Prof. Zhili Huang (China)

Prof. Yoshihiro Urade (Japan)

Prof. Yun-Kwok Wing (Hong Kong)  (secretary)

Prof. Zhang Jihui (Hong Kong) – in attendance and recording the minutes

  1. We have finalized the invited speakers. We have received responses from 11 countries, except for Malaysia and Indonesia. We will invite the current president of Singapore sleep society as the invited speaker from Singapore instead of Dr. Lim.
  2. We have discussed the tentative scientific program.
  3. Everyone will go through the latest bylaw draft and comments will be solicited for the planning of coming election and inauguration symposium and meeting.
  4. There has been discussion of the establishment of foundation members of ASSM. However, in the current byelaw, there was no such clause. The suggestion of recording down the significacnt contribution of various foundation members in the abstract/brochure of the coming ASSM inauguration symposium was made.
  5. Prof. Hong will send the email of Prof. Michael Chee of Singapore to Prof. Huang for the invitation.
  6. Prof. Huang will distribute the scientific program and encourage the attendance of Chinese researchers to attend the symposium.
  7. Prof. Chen NH said that it is able to register the ASSM in Taiwan.
  8. We will discuss more details about the education program after the formation of executive committee.
  9. The deadline of abstract submission will be by the end of May.
  10. Prof. Huang will send out the final brochure to everyone for comments.
  11. Prof. Yuichi Inoue of Japan will attend this conference and give a talk.

The meeting adjourned at 21:07 (HKT)

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Minutes of fifth meeting to initiate the foundatio