Annual Meeting

Meeting Minutes of 2016 Board Meeting

Asian Society of Sleep Medicine Board Meeting
Date: Friday, March 11, 2016   13:30-18:00
Location: Room 203A, TICC, Taipei, Taiwan
Chairperson    Ning-Hung Chen
(in alphabetical order)
Prof. Ahmed BaHammam       Saudi
Prof. Han Fang China
Prof. Hong Seung Bong    Korea
Prof. Hong Seung Chul    Korea
Prof. Iris Haimov      Israel
Prof. Lin Chia-Mo    Taiwan
Prof. Manjari Tripathi      India
Prof. Michael.chee  Singapore
Prof. Mohammed Al Abri        Oman
Prof. Rimawati Tedjasukmana   Indonesia
Prof. Rusdi Abd Rashid  Malaysia
Prof. Sy Doung-Quy Vietnam
Prof. Tayard Desudchit    Thailand
Prof. Urade Yoshihiro      Japan
Prof. Virginia s. Delos Reyes   Philippine
Prof. Wing Yun-Kwok       Hong Kong
Prof. Xilong Zhang   China
Prof. Yuichi Inoue     Japan
ASSM introduction
The representatives introduced the sleep society and the sleep medicine development in their countries. (The presentation materials can be download below)
ISSUE1: Where and when will be the next ASSM congress? 
  1. The next congress is in 2018 in Korea Seoul
  2. Between the next ASSM Congress, we can have smaller program annually in other countries.
  3. If you have sleep medicine events in your country, welcome to provide the information. ASSM will announce on the website latest news.
  4. It is better to avoid date conflict with the big international congress.
ISSUE2: ASSM program: education activity, fellowship program
  1. Chang Gung Hospital provides some fellowship programs. If anyone is interested in the program, please tell us. We can provide the detail information. If you have this kind information, you are also welcome to provide the information to put on the ASSM website.
  2. Setting the standard criteria for the exam for Asia. Maybe Pro. Han Fang, the vice president of the education can organize a taskforce to deal with this issue.
  3. Can you have a journal for our society? Several selection to publish the journal:
            (1) Create a new journal in Vietnam
            (2) E-publication
            (3) Combine with ASRS or Korea sleep medicine journal
                 (need to consider money and the competition between jounals)
ISSUE3: Text Book
  1. E-book
  2. Hard copy
  3. Other formats
Download PDF File Download
Introduction PPT of member countries