Annual Meeting

Meeting Minutes of Board Meeting on July 30,2016

Meeting Minutes of Teleconference on July 30, 2016
Chair: Prof. Seung Bong Hong
          Prof. Michael Chee
          Prof. Ning Hung Chen
          Prof. Seockhoon Chung
Prof. Seung Chul Hong
Prof. Tayard Desudchit
Prof. Virginia s. Delos Reyes
Prof. Yuichi Inoue
Prof. Yun Kowk Wing
Issue 1: ASSM will announce the membership application. Before that, membership fee need to be set.
  1. Design the application form and put on ASSM website.
  2. Since the economic development and the income level is different among Asian countries. ASSM will categorize the countries according to official economic indexes and the Individual membership fee is charged based on the categories of the countries.
category A US$10
category B US$5
category C free
  1. Society member fee
Charge US$1 for each member (refer to the standard of ASRS)
need to provide the total number of members of each society on the application form
  1. Tell our potential members the benefits of joining the ASSM
  2. The official journal of ASSM-SMR
  3. ASSM News Letter
  4. The effect of society promotion
  5. Chance to participate in multi-center sleep research
  6. Communication of sleep medicine and related information among 16 Asian countries
  7. Opportunity to get a sleep medicine training with a grant in the established sleep centers
  8. Participation and holding regional ASSM conference and educational program
  9. Discount to join the annual reginal and biannual major congress
Issue 2: Annual reginal conference and biannual major conference – finance, time
and location
  1. The profit of biannual major conference will split between ASSM and hosting countries. The hosting countries of reginal conference will not split the profit with ASSM in temporary until the activities are more mature in the future. But Japan, China and South Korea may donate a surplus if possible.
  2. For the 2018 reginal conference in Oct. Prof. Tayard will ask Sleep Society of Thailand if they can move their annual conference from July to Oct. If negative, Prof. Wing will ask Hong Kong Society of Sleep Medicine to host the 2018 reginal conference in Oct.
  3. Consulting with Prof. Michael Chee, he agreed that the 3rd ASSM congress will be held in Singapore.
Issue 3: How to activate the functions of the ASSM.
  1. Research:
Research function is very important to ASSM. We should start it with cooperation among the Asian countries to construct a data pool of sleep medicine. Survey the Sleep habit and pattern of the Asian. The data will be collected by the questionnaire and practice online platform. Prof. Wing and Prof. Inoue is in charge of this issue.
  1. < >Invite the well-known sleep center in Asia to provide training program for international student exchange and announce on the ASSM website. Prof. Chen will in charge of the issue.
  2. ASSM training program will be conducted in regional conference.
  3. < >< >SMR needs more original paper submitted.
  4. SMR needs to be cited by more papers.
  5. ASSM will ask society member to put link of SMR homepage on their website.
  6. ASSM will set up article award and the selected papers will be post on the SMR.
  7. Prof. Chung will summarize all the questions about SMR in this conference to for the participants.
Issue 4: Publish Sleep Medicine book
ASSM consists of many well-known scholars in sleep medicine fields.
Therefore ASSM plans to publish a sleep medicine text book to collect and
deliver the precious knowledge for promoting the sleep medicine education
in Asian.
  1. Prof. Inoue will ask the publisher about the cost.
  2. Prof Wing and Prof Urade will also work together with this issue.