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The agenda of ASSM board meeting in Manila, Philippine 2017

Dear All:


   Happy New Year!

The following is the agenda of ASSM board meeting in Manila.

Please confirm the schedule and give me any comments.


ASSM board meeting at 13:00-17:00 on March 8, 2017 in Manila, Phillippine

Chair: Ninghung Chen, Seung Bong Hong 

President's address  5 min                                Ninghung Chen 

1. Some presentations of their sleep society condition (Myanmar, Brunei, Vietnam)

    10 min per each presentation x 3 = 30 min

    The obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in Vietnam : Facts and Challenges     Dr. Sy Duong-Quy  (10min)


2. General issues in ASSM (1 hour free discussion)
  1) membership fee : society fee, individual fee
  2) fund raising plan
  3) ASSM new letter
  4) Multi-country study 
  5) education program development 
  6) discussion about the mission of the Society including practice, research, education and international exchange, 
     which is general followed by the more focused topics as the following. Also we need talk about the member fee to support  

     the Society, especially the young people.
  7) Issues related to sleep medicine and sleep disorders in their countries such as problems in reimbursement or treatment of insomnia like CBT or hypnotics. How can we cooperate to improve these? 

3. Sleep Medicine book of Asian countries suggested by     Dr. Inoue : 15 min 

4. the plan of web survey of sleep patterns of our Asian families     Dr. Wing : 15 min

5. How to activate "Sleep Medicine Research" (the official journal of ASSM) : Chung SH, MD (Editorial committee chair) 15 min

6. Sleep Medicine Diploma                      Dr. Sy Duong-Quy      15 min

6. The 2nd term president's address (Seung Bong Hong) and voting for the president elect of ASSM for March 2017 - March 2019 : 30 min,  ASSM officers and one representative of each country will have one vote. 

7. A regional ASSM meeting in Beijing on Oct. 2017 (Dr. Fang Han   10 min)  


Please let's discuss about above tentative agenda. If you have good idea, suggestion or changes, let us know.


Best regards,


Ninghung Chen

President of ASSM


SB Hong

President elect of ASSM